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NSF NOW is an Artist Development Agency focusing on Artist Value Proposition to ensure wellness and growth via a holistic development of

Mind, Body, and Soul...

The Person, The Business, and the Artist.

#ArtistEmpowerment #ArtistDevelopment

We empower through music masterclasses, mental health education and business education.

#RelationshipBroker #RelationshipMentoring

We take a symbiotic approach to connecting you with future partners, clients, advisors, and board members.


We help you better understand your 'why', to tell your story, scale your audience, and build a roadmap that will guide your brand while aligning to your values


Our extensive network gives us the ability to transform your Sync Placement strategy.


Our collective backgrounds of music performance, corporate leadership, behavioral health mixed with the life experiences our leadership has had allows us to transform with a unique perspective.


We know what it takes to be a servant leader. We pass those lessons to you through our coaching.

Meet Our Tribe

Nikki Fernandez

Peter Rafelson

Sara Tucker

Wes Mason

Keith Shocklee

Mollie Ramirez

Jon Zeit

Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis

Mollie Ramirez

Come meet our tribe. It's a whole vibe.